Water Framework Directive

Adopting the WFD, means thinking ahead towards the ecological goals that have to be met. Deduction of the goals means that information has to be available of the present situation, but also of the past. We need to know where we came from to know where we are going to. It is this past situation that is crucial in our understanding of aquatic systems and their changes. However the information of the past is only available in exceptional cases only. We have made it our “core”business to help them out with this problem. Our solution: revealing the past with paleolimnological research. At the moment we are working on broads in the vicinity of Loosdrecht, just south of Amsterdam in the Netherland to reconstruct the development of a broad that was formed after peat-digging in the past centuries. In this project we use the remains of diatoms, blue and green algae, Cladocera, macro-invertebrates and pollen. An other actual project is the reconstruction of the former invertebrate fauna and diatom flora in natural lowland streams.